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Antiserum: Part I Patricia Carrigan

Antiserum: Part I

Patricia Carrigan

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

What? Is he part of some Transylvanian Mafia? I whispered frantically. This is something I would like to know before I stayed with them.No, worse. His voice was dark with a mischievous hint.My eyes widened slightly as I leaned towards him, What?Hes a vampire. Adrians voice was rough, with no sense of humor.Sixteen-year-old high school student Jocelyn loves blood- she lives for it. Shes a blood addict. But thats not all thats going on in her life. Strange dreams haunt her sleep- she can read minds- and she hears voices in her head. And she discovers that J.B.-her twin sister-and their friends Sadie and Nikki all have similar powers. She learns that all of them a part of a group known as the Genetic Race.But their powers and existence are threatened by another group known as the Others, and their only hope lies in traveling to Transylvania, where they must locate a special blood-filled amulet. On this trip, with the help of the very attractive Adrian, Jocelyn will discover that the very substance she needs to survive may have become her new and very deadly addiction.