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And Heres To You Brian Webber

And Heres To You

Brian Webber

Unknown Binding
104 pages
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 About the Book 

Brian needs quite a bit more practice. He has a tendency to tell, not show, and were repeatedly blindsided with a plot development or a characters actions, immediately followed by a description that supports it - far too late to make an emotional difference. There is an indelicacy of phrasing in certain situations.For all of these numerous flaws, the character motivations and actions seem realistic, and the women are far more than cut-outs from a fantasy trope board game. Also, despite indelicate handling of some subjects and a lack of narrative skill - some scenes would have carried far more impact in a different order, information could have been slipped to us in normal conversation earlier in the book - the plot planning itself was not bad.So, he has a lot of practice to do, but at least the things that he has wrong are things that can improve with practice. While I wouldnt buy his next book, if he podcasted it, Id surely give it a try.