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His Naughty Secret Santa C.A.   Taylor

His Naughty Secret Santa

C.A. Taylor

Kindle Edition
19 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Just like most employees, Malcolm dreads the thought of having to go to the generic staff Christmas party. However, he knows that he has to go since hes been roped into doing the Secret Santa gift exchange among coworkers. Fortunately, hes soon joined by a handsome coworker named Jerry (donning a very festive Santa hat) and things begin to take an unexpected and exciting turn.Perhaps the generic Christmas office party wont be so generic after all.Warning: This short story contains scenes of a steamy explicit nature between two consenting adults. This story is intended for an 18+ audience.Word count: 5300Excerpt:“I see that youre not taking part in the ugly sweater thing either,” Jerry smirked, glancing to Malcolm and admiring his choice of clothes.“Nah, I forgot about it. Even if I had remembered, I doubt I wouldve done it. It was hard enough coming here without the rest of my suit on,” Malcolm laughed out lightly.“Mm, youre all about appearances, arent you?” Jerry mused, turning his body just slightly toward Malcolm to indicate his interest in the others presence.“Arent we all?” Malcolm smoothly responded, aware of the subtle change in the others stance. He did have to admit that he had thought of Jerry sometimes in a rather unprofessional way. Of course, he had never pursued anything at work because he very much wanted to keep those two parts of his life separated.However, at the moment, he found his resolve to be waning a little. He wondered if it had anything to do with his drink, but a quick glance reminded him of just how little he had of it yet.“So... Who did you get for Secret Santa?” Malcolm casually asked with a little grin.Jerry laughed, quirking his brow. “Its supposed to be a secret.”“Yeah, but, come on. Its not like you have me,” Malcolm teased, although grew curious when Jerry didnt respond.