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Pile Road Constructions of Non-stop Movement. Nizovtsev Yury

Pile Road Constructions of Non-stop Movement.

Nizovtsev Yury

Published August 27th 2014
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Existing approach now in the world to separate movement along transport corridors of motor transport, railway transport as well as laying pipelines, communication systems, electric power lines is expensive, inefficient in many respects. This approach often takes away fertile lands from users, pollutes a surrounding environment, outdated methods of movement of vehicles are applied in practice. Revealing of shortcomings of this approach gave the chance to develop the new compact road designs providing unceasing movement of vehicles in uniform volume of the combined transport pile platform on the basis of a steel framework at the expense of introduction of through buffer lanes for trains and vehicles and interstorey crossings for vehicles. Design use for an attaching on it of cables and pipelines becomes possible. The similar design can be used as the overpass. These and similar designs will give the chance to intensify sharply commodity turnover, they will be a additional sales market of metal rolling and cement, will allow to master desert territories, will increase significantly mobility of population and will improve life of population.